Renowned Los Angeles Vocal Coach and Critically Acclaimed Director Mary Jo DuPrey is now offering workshops and seminars nationwide to share her innovative training in Musical Theater and Rock music performance. Catering to both private acting schools and academic institutions, this is a rare and unique opportunity for training programs to offer groundbreaking workshops that introduce approaches to voice and performance that address and solve the underlying issues that often inhibit singing actors from realizing their full potential.

Transformative Musical Theater performance occurs when outstanding vocal technique meets an acting training that is specifically geared to meet the unique challenges of acting while singing. When these two essential elements meet, the audience is transported.


What's different?

While most 'acting the song' classes focus on directorial feedback, this work diagnoses technical habits, energy blocks, and the emotional conditions that can confuse technique and intention.  Rather than just telling the student 'what' to change, these classes support the actor in 'how' to change, uncovering the patterns that so often get in the way of growth.  So many singing actors 'understand' the direction given to them, but find themselves challenged by making the changes during song.  Why that is and how to solve it is the focus of this unique and exciting work.


the work

Classes will include individual and group work that will provide the singers with the basics of the renowned Katie Agresta Vocal Technique.  This technique, used by countless rock musicians, has now found its way to theater artists.  It is famous for its effectiveness in addressing the demands of rock singing: power, range, health and recovery, consistency and longevity.  Countless singers have used this method to not only recover from vocal damage, but to move their voices far beyond what they thought possible.  Your students will be able to access this work for a lifetime of vocal development and exploration. 

The class will also draw on the performance theories of Wesley  Balk, former artistic director of the Minnesota Opera and Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints to create an approach to performance that will free the singing actor's' instrument as well as their imagination, moving them to levels of performance that are wildly bold and powerfully effective.


The track record

Mary Jo trained Daveed Diggs for his star making and Tony Award winning performance as Lafayette/Jefferson in “Hamilton.”  She is also the touring coach for Jon Bon Jovi.  On the faculty at the Ray Bolger Program in Musical Theater at UCLA for the last decade, Mary Jo’s renowned Rock Musical Theater Class has helped usher countless students onto the Broadway and National Tour Stages, including other cast members of “Hamilton,” “Beautiful,” “Jersey Boys,” “Book of Mormon,” and “Matilda,” and helped place UCLA on the lists of the most sought after Musical Theater Programs in the country.

 Contact Mary Jo to custom design a workshop for your institution.  Seminars can range from single nights to weekly classes depending on your needs and the structure of your offerrings.  Mary Jo will work with your students in a way that will quickly target their key challenges and blocks, addressing issues ranging from, but not limited to, breath, range, power, tension release, presence, focus, imagination, and text analysis.  Students may work on the same or multiple pieces at their choosing. All styles and genres of music welcome.  

Don’t miss this unique opportunity.  Contact Mary Jo at today to provide your clientele or student body with a class that will change them forever. 

As Erik Stein of the PCPA Theatrefest remarked, “Watching Mary Jo is like watching a Vocal Wizard. She strikes like lightening and can quickly and fundamentally change a performer forever. It’s amazing to watch.”